State Crime Record Bureau

Brief Introduction

The State Crime Record Bureau is frontal organization of Haryana Police mainly dealing with statistics pertaining to crime and criminals and property related crime in Haryana.

History: SCRB was established on the recommendations of the National Police Commission which found that the maintenance of the crime record functions has receded into an era of neglect. Over a period of time, priorities of the Police have changed to maintenance of law and order, check of militancy and organised crimes, maintenance of VIP security and handling dharnas and rallies by trade unions and political parties. Rate of crime has increased manifold and area of criminal activities has widened due to use of better communication system and transport facilities. Harnessing the exchange of information on criminals operating in neighbouring Police stations, Districts and States has become essential. The need was felt to do away with manual maintenance and sharing of crime and criminal records of Inter-District and Inter-State nature. The computerization and computer network of crime & criminal records and the Police computer network were considered only viable alternative.
SCRB is to function as a storehouse of information on crime & criminals, coordinate & disseminate information on inter-State & inter-National crime and criminals.


• To study similarities in the Modus Operandi of criminals and on its basis provide guidance to the Investigating Officers.

• To suggest the names of suspects to I.Os those were already arrested in comiiting the crimes using the same MO.

• Coordinate in matching the recovered property with that of the stolen.

• To disseminate information to keep Police Officers alert and in the look out for any suspects/missing persons.

• To collect statistical data of crimes, analyze it and to prepare reviews, testaments, reports and ensure its regular and periodical (fortnightly/monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly) submission to DGP Haryana/Govt. of Haryana./NCRB New Delhi.

• To collect various types of crime & criminals data as well as information, and to send it to higher authorities and NCRB after consolidation for preparation of annual 'Crime in India'.

• At State level this Bureau also publishes a magazine “Crime in Haryana”.

• Monitoring & implementation of CCTNS, ICJS and NAFIS in Haryana.

• To provide training on CCTNS, ICJS & Finger print of Police Officers/officials posted in districts/units.

• To coordinate, guide and assist the functioning of the DCRBx.