State Crime Record Bureau
Haryana Panchkula
Contact :  0184-2983471

Statistical Wing (Crime Record Office)


Research & Statistic Wing (now called Crime records office or) Haryana was established at Chandigarh under the control of CID Haryana.

Staff Pattern

The following staffs were sanctioned for this centre:-

Ø At the time of creation of State Crime Record Bureau, Reserch and Statistical Wing of CID was merged in this bureau. The sanctioned strength of this branch at that time was DSP-1, SI-1, HC-1 and Constable-1. This staff was sanctioned to collect crime data for 13 Police Districts and 3 Police Ranges. At that time value of crime was 38671. In the last few years population has increased and crime also increased which was 131989 in the year 2019 number of police districts increased to 24, Police Ranges 4 to 3 and commissionerate in Gurugram, Faridabad & Panchkula.

Ø The work of data collection and computerization of crime have increased. Computerization of Crime, for Crime in India, Monthly Crime Statistics, Accidental Deaths and Suicides, Motor Vehicle coordination system (On-Line) and Talash are being used in this Wing.


1. State and further submission to NCRB, New Delhi.

2. To compare and check statistical crime data of the state with the original crime data in the state.

3. To compare the statistic crime data with the previous year crime data and find out the reasons of increasing crime in the state.

4. To submit information regarding all IPC cases and Central Acts to NCRB, New Delhi.

5. To Monitor Computer software provided by NCRB, New Delhi accordingly.


Track The Missing ChildThe Track the missing child software was also provided by Ministry of Women and Child Development,

Crime In IndiaThe software was provided by NCRB New Delhi. Relevant data is being received form the various districts in the State complied at this Bureau and further submitted to NCRB for publication of Crime in India. Year 2021 Crime in India is under process.

Accidental death and suicidesThe Software was provided by NCRB New Delhi. Year 2020-21, accidental death and suicides is under process

Copy Right Act

Copy Right Act half yearly diary sent to NCRB.

The data is 01-07-2021 to 31.12.2021

Under Section Total Cases Total value of seizer in Rs. Person arrested
63 51 5033820.00 55
63A 0 0 0
65 6 40000 6
68 NIL Nil NIl

Counterfeit Currency

The Counterfeit currency (fake Indian Currency Notes) software was also provided by NCRB, New Delhi for it go on

Online Software

Ø Crime in India provided by NCRB

Ø Accidental deaths and Suicides in India (ADSI)

Ø Counterfeit currency

Ø National Missing Child Tracking System (only monitoring)

Ø Human Trafficking System